About Us

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APC are advisers in pastoral care and counselling in the Church of England. The majority of Dioceses have an Adviser. APC is the national co-ordinating organisation for advisers.

What do Pastoral Care and Counselling Advisers do?

Our roles vary from Diocese to Diocese and in different Anglican organisations but our primary task is to provide pastoral care and counselling to clergy their immediate families and others in ministry in the Church of England. In some Dioceses we are engaged in preventative work such as support groups for clergy, training in stress management and self care. The Counselling offered is usually subsidised – or paid for by the Diocese – but it is completely confidential.

Ministry is rewarding, but it is also a challenging and stretching occupation.  We passionately believe those in ministry need good quality support.

What does Anglican Pastoral Care do?Church of England logo

We provide a network for Pastoral Care Advisers, and others involved in care of clergy. We enable a sharing of good practice, job specifications and new ideas. Regional groups of Advisers provide mutual support for individual Advisers in their work.

We also work with other organisations involved in care for those in ministry.

Finally, we organise a Biennial Conference for Advisers.