SignpostThe Association exists to promote the well being of individuals and communities through pastoral care and counselling within the Dioceses of the Anglican Church, through the role of Advisers or their equivalent.

As a professional body, to represent, support, and provide a network for those working as Bishop’s/Diocesan Advisers in Pastoral Care and Counselling, or a broad equivalent, within the Anglican Church, and urge such appointments be made.

To undertake a developmental and preventative role in addressing clergy well being in particular, but also that of the wider church community.

To define, promote and monitor high standards in pastoral care and counselling, its training and accountability, and to speak on behalf of its members in addressing these aims both nationally and regionally.

To provide information and resources for members and the Church in general in the area of pastoral care and counselling.

To seek cooperation with, and work alongside, other Christians and non-Diocesan agencies working in pastoral care and counselling.

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