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Anglican Pastoral Care (APC) – formerly known as the Anglican Association of Advisors in Pastoral Care and Counselling –  was founded in 1996. It emerged out of the work done at the biennial Launde Abbey consultations of Bishops’ advisers and representatives, originally convened by Michael Jacobs in 1986.

Membership of APC was made up of advisers or their equivalent from the dioceses of the Church of England. There are also associate members, by application to the Chair.

A link with the House of Bishops of the General Synod was appointed in 2000. ‘Standards of Practice in Pastoral Care’ was published in 1995 and outlines the approaches to pastoral care and related subjects taken by advisers in their work on behalf of the Church of England.

Today APC is formally constituted and widely recognised by Bishops Clergy and Lay People for its continuing commitment to Best Practice in pastoral care and the biennial meetings at Launde Abbey, Offa House and Holland House continue to be a source of inspiration to all involved.