How to Join


Membership of APC offers the opportunity of becoming involved in and influencing the future activities of the Association, including participation in conferences. APC provides a direct link to the Church of England at a National level. You can apply to join APC by completing the form later on this page.


Membership of APC is open to:

  • Full members – Advisers, or their Anglican equivalent, officially appointed and/or commissioned by their Diocese and/or Bishop(s).
    Annual Subscription for 2012 is £75 for Full Members
  • Associate members – those working in an equivalent sphere or interested in furthering the work of the Association can be nominated by two existing full members subject to approval by the Executive Committee. Associate members are not eligible to vote or to accept office in the Association.
    Annual Subscription for 2012 is £25.00 for Associate Members

Attendance at the Annual General Meeting is open to all members; but voting is limited to one member from each Diocese or that member’s designated substitute, or the equivalent employee designated substitute of an ecumenical body

The Annual General Meeting may invite people to become Honorary Members or Honorary Presidents of the APC.

How to Join APC

The constitution may be viewed or downloaded here: The APC Constitution.